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Product Description

  • Customize Wearable Device
  • Wrist band, Smart Watch, HRM headset, Blood pressure monitor, Healthcare device
  • Customize App on iOS/Android
  • Customize Cloud Service


Smart Watch- Easy measure blood pressure, emotion and stress level
- Optical Blood Flow Sensor for tracking your heart rate day and night
- 3-Axis Accelerometer to detect the bodies movements to measure activity levels and sleep quality
- Skin Temperature indicates exertion levels by monitoring changes in skin temperature in relation to the ambient temperature
- Trans-reflective LCD display features an electroluminescent back light that can turn on during quick time checks
- Water resistant (Showering, dish washing, wading in pool but not swimming)
HRM Headset- Measure heart rate, HRV, emotion and stress level even when user exercising
- Support iOS and android devices
Portable Health Monitor- Can be measured independently heart rate, blood pressure and SPO2
- Support voice broadcast
- Support emergency call
- Support iOS and android devices
Health Wristband- Wirelessly transmission
- Automatic summaries delivered every morning
- Regular reminders to keep moving and hit daily goals
- Via USB to 2.5mm jack
Health Tracker- Track activity and sleep quality
- Though vibrates and flashes display icons to alert you of reminders and system notifications
Personal Kegel exercise trainer- Induction charging - no wires, no cords
- Seamless design with no exposed parts
- Wireless technology to synch with your smartphone