Global Logistic

While facing global competition trends, ChengUei has not only enhanced its own core technology, but has also been efficiently using information technology to increase its corporate competitiveness by building a solid e-foundation of corporate structure based on a high-performance, high-security and high-stability platform of network communication, which possesses ERP, PLM and Shop Floor systems that have completely integrated into production. Therefore, a vertical monitoring and controlling system in either sales of receivables cycle, procurement payment cycle or production manufacturing cycle is well-established for an effective control from start to finish. In addition, fast data collection and integration of information system for business intelligence (BI) and large data (big data) are reachable for in depth analysis. Not to mention that a paperless cross-platform electronic sign-off system has been initiated. Given a mature information infrastructure that established a timely warning monitoring operation management globally, ChengUei has never stopped working on its processes and systems continuous improvements.

Foxlink IT Solution Map

In order to meet customer requirements, Foxlink has implemented RosettaNet / EDI / web (B2B) for faster and securer transactions among its customers to reduce human mistakes. Foxlink provides Business Intelligence (BI) to its executives who can enjoy real-time analysis, control the Group’s production schedule, and monitor the global market changes which help to form the continuous improvement plan for the operation and stay highly competitive.

Through a complete establishment of supply chain management system, ChengUei is capable of offering a best capacity planning in order to fast react to any incoming orders and production operations. By obtaining real time analysis from business intelligence system (BI), ChengUei is able to provide prompt response to fulfill customers’ needs with high quality and best service. With expectation of continuous improvement and innovation, ChengUei has utilized mobile technology, large data analysis and self-developed robot arm in recent years so that the company reaches to 4.0 industrial production of intelligence in order to respond to highly competitive global environment nowadays.