History & Milestones


  • First issued NT $3 billion of the Secured Corporate Bond in 2019.
  • Acquiring a 100% equity share of HK company, Journ Ta Brothers Limited, and indirectly acquiring 100% equity shares of it's Myanmar subsidiary, Hua Tai Enterprise Company Limited.


  • In April 2018, Foxlink invest in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, with the first phase total investment of US$8 million.
  • "PQI","Foxlink Image","Glorytek" under the Foxlink Group jointly established "FIT Holding Co., Ltd." in a share conversion manner.
  • Acquired 100% of the Hong Kong company "SINOBEST BROTHERS LTD." and indirectly obtained a 100% stake in the Myanmar company "SINOBEST JEWELRY COMPANY LIMITED".


  • The Twelfth term of Directors elected new nine Directors (including three independent directors).
  • Setting up the Audit Committee to replace the powers and duties of the supervisor.
  • To establish new subsidiary company in India, the initial investment amount is 160 million rupees.
  • The factory in Maanshan city is officially opened in Jul 2017. The plant area is 133,464 square meters.


  • On 6th February, a strong earthquake hit Taiwan in southern Taiwan, Foxlink Group donated NT $ 10 million to help rebuild the disaster.
  • Completed the development of new 6-axis 900 arm long arm, and fully into the production line.
  • Use the concept of industrial 4.0 to improve the mold production technology, improve production efficiency.


  • Acquisition of 15,000 shares of cash capital in Central Picture Corporation by reinvesting in cultural and creative business. Current shareholding ratio is 13.6%.
  • Completion of Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co. Ltd.’s corporate Social Responsibility Report.
  • The company's annual turnover reached to a record high of NT$108 billion dollars.


  • Dongguan Fu-Chan Electronics has completed its 3rd factory where the plant covers an area of 168 acres.
  • Obtaining Glorytek’s shares of cash capital up to 42.25%.
  • Proceeding signing agreement with TamKang University for educational-industrial cooperation plan with expectation to develop and promote its digitalized writing tools and straits as well as its related content and products from TamKang University Digital e-pen calligraphy system technology globally.
  • Completing the development of 6-axis robot arm and the implementation of key components substitutions as well as building and establishing the robotic arms production lines and its application promotions.


  • Foxlink invested in Ma On Shan Science and Technology Park where it covers an area of 222 acres.
  • Foxlink obtained PQI private company shares in which the company stake right has increased to 42.56%.
  • Foxlink has successfully stepped into the electric automobile components supply chain and obtained business opportunities in wearable products for mass production and shipments.
  • Studio A’s path layout in mainland has been expanded from previous Jiangsu Province, Anhui Province, Zhejiang Province and Shanghai to current new store locations in Fujian Province.


  • In March, Foxlink invested in Smart Vision Co, LTD. – LED production equipment manufacturer by holding 31.25% of its share.
  • In May, Glory Science Co.,Ltd. subsidiary company of Foxlink Group, was listed in OTC.
  • Foxlink Group started to build the phase IV plant in Kunshan campus.


  • Studio A Inc., a premium reseller of Apple products with nearly 30 Studio A chain stores around Taiwan, and also a subsidiary of Foxlink Group, established two chain stores in Hong Kong and will expand flagship store in Nanjing, China in 2011.
  • Central Pictures Corporation, a subsidiary of Foxlink Group, announced to invest NT$350 million (US$11 million) in Taiwanese film "Seediq Bale," making it the largest-ever single investment in a Taiwanese film.


  • Foxlink group sponsored the musical theater "My Dear Next Door" and in the meantime made a donation of NT 1,200,000 dollars to public affair organizations
  • Invested to establish the Ming Chuan plant in Tu-cheng District, Taipei New City in June.
  • Invested US$28.91 million to acquire 15.94% stakes in DRAM module maker Power Quotient International (PQI) in July.
  • Signed a cooperation memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Sony Computer Entertainment Asia (SCEA), a subsidiary of Sony Japan and a software design subsidiary of the Taiwan government-backed Institute for Information Industry (III) for software design on October 18. This investment project is expected to become a development platform for Sony's PS (Play Station)-series high-tech games.
  • Sollink Inc., a subsidiary of Foxlink, inveseted the Culture Development Foundation of Taoyuan county government to assist the promotion of the 47th Golden Horse Awards and film festivals.
  • The Collaborative Research Center under Foxlink and Taiwan University of Science and Technology presented five jointed development projects, which can achieve a big boost to efficiency and innovation of products.
  • Foxlink ranked third in the number of 420 patent applications and approvals among Top 100 Taiwan Enterprises in 2010.
  • Integrated the E-Procurement Platform and Goal Management System developed by Formosa Technologies Corporation, which aim to provide more valuable service to customers with premium E-Commerce and excellent work flows.
  • Began construction on the 1st phase of Nan Chang plant in Jiangxi Province, China.


  • Foxlink Group and Qualcomm MEMS Technologies commenced operations at dedicated mirasol display fabrication facility in the Longtan's Science Park in Taoyuan, Taiwan on June 15.
  • Foxlink is ranked the 59th among Taiwan Top 1000 Manufacturing Companies in 2008 by Common Wealth Magazine and also the 59th among Taiwan Top 100 Technology-oriented Companies by Business Next Magazine.
  • Foxlink Group and Qualcomm MEMS Technologies Inc. made joint donation of NT 1 million to Longtang Elementary School in Taoyuan, Taiwan to assist the eco-program of butterfly garden for further spreading CSR awareness.


  • Implemented a new corporate organizational structure on April 1
  • Signed a Cooperation Agreement of Vietnam Investment with Becamex IDC Corp. on March 21
  • Foxlink Kunshan Plant achieved QC 080000 IECQ HSPM Qualification on January 25
  • Established sales office in Gumi, Korea on January 18
  • New organization effective in operation on July 1
  • Foxlink's 23rd anniversary celebration successfully launched "Book Donation to Faraway School Campaign" as initiative contribution to public welfare.


  • Signed a joint investmnet agreement with Yang Zhou Economy and Development Zone Corp. on July 17
  • Foxlink's subsidiary Well Shin Technology Co., Ltd was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation in September
  • Foxlink's subsidiary DU Precision Industry Co.,Ltd. was established in October 9, 2007 in Tucheng, Taipei
  • Deployed for implementation of QC 080000 throughout operation


  • Foxlink Group moving to new RD center which is located in Tucheng Dingpu Industrial Park on November 6
  • Fudong plant achieved certificate of ISO/TS 16949
  • Established sales office in Seoul


  • Foxlink Group successfully reached the highest peak of Taiwan's Jade Mountain with an elevation of 3952 meters
  • Groundbreaking of Kun Shan Plant Phase II Construction
  • Groundbreaking of Fu Quiang Plant in Dong Keng
  • Established sales office in Beijing
  • Implementation of quality management system ISO/TS16949
  • Implementation of ERP system throughout Foxlink Group


  • Completed phase I construction of Kun Shan plant and started in operation
  • Groundbreaking of Foxlink Research and Development Center at Dingpu Technology Park
  • Established Communications System Product Division
  • Implementation of APS(Advanced Planning and Scheduling) and PDM(Product Data Management) system
  • Fu Dong plant achieved certificate of China National Accreditation Board for Laboratories


  • Achieved QS 9000 certification
  • Certificated as Sony Green Partner
  • Certified by ISO 9001
  • Started the investment plan at Dingpu Industrial District in Tu-Cheng city for the research and development center
  • Halogen-free cable achieved USB-IF certificate


  • Established Kun Shan plant in Shanghai


  • Foxlink becomes public company in Taiwan
  • Certified by ISO 14001


  • Foxlink becomes public company in Taiwan


  • Foxlink becomes public company in Taiwan


  • Foxlink's Headquarters is established in Tu Cheng city, Taiwan
  • Established sales office in Singapore, Japan, Finland and Hong Kong.
  • Certified by ISO 9002


  • Established the Power Products division
  • Signed the development agreement with Motorola


  • Developed cable and connector for communication industry
  • Chosen by Microsoft and Sony as excellent supplier


  • Established Hsih-Chi Plant in production of networking connector and also functioned with tooling and assembly line.


  • Foxlink is founded on July 14th, starting with the manufacturing of plastic connector.