Internal Audit

Office of Internal Audit: Organization and Operation

Internal audits are intended to inspect and assess this company’s internal control system, evaluate the effectiveness of and degree of adherence to current policies and procedures, and determine the effect of policies and procedures on operating activities and operating effectiveness, with the ultimate goal of confirming the internal control system’s sustained, effective operation.

Audit Office Functions:

  • An evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes and the adequacy of internal controls
  • A written report containing an opinion on the degree of compliance with government regulations and Foxlink’s policies and procedures; the accuracy and propriety of financial transactions; the adequacy of safeguards for Foxlink’s assets; the efficiency of the unit in effecting its mission.
  • The presentation of verbal and/or written recommendations for improving operations and preventing/detecting irregularities.
  • The planning and execution of projects in response to requests of Audit’s service.