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How to become our partner

Guidelines for Collaboration:

Please ensure obedience to the following policy, Foxlink Group has the right to terminate the partnership of any violation.

  1. Avoid obtaining cooperation opportunities with Foxlink Group by violating business ethics (Including promises or providing various forms of benefits to Foxlink related personnel)
  2. All the information provided by this questionnaire is true and verifiable, any malicious harassment is strictly prohibited.
  3. Comply with the most recent and applicable environmental protection regulations and technical standards, such as ROHS, REACH, pollution prevention, waste disposal, and any other relevant regulations.
  4. To promise to maintain the sustainable policy of the society and the environment, actively cooperate with Foxlink, and fully implement the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) code of conduct.
  5. It is imperative to adhere to conflict-free procurement policies and practices for all materials and supply chains, to guarantee that metals such as tantalum (Ta), tin (Sn), tungsten (W), gold (Au), and cobalt (Co) and their derivatives are not sourced from high-risk areas or entities.
  6. Please note that by filling out this information submission link, you are deemed to agree to Foxlink Group standard payment terms and to agree to sign related supplier contracts and declarations.

Information submitting link:Plese click here to fill out

If there are any questions, please


Thank you for completing this questionnaire, Please note that this is an opportunity to submit your company information for Foxlink Group’s reference, we will inform you proactively if your company is qualified and meets our demand, we will ask you to process the vendor audition, your company will become our approved vendor after passing the audition.