Opening Ceremony of Cheng Uei’s R&D Center in Central Taiwan Science Park

Cheng Uei held the opening ceremony of the R&D center in the Central Taiwan Science Park (hereinafter referred to as CTSP) on March 29, 2021. The place will be an important R&D center for developing system integration of battery, electric motor and electronic control module of electric vehicles, and Nano-waterproof technology in the future. By enhancing the capabilities of product development and R&D, Cheng Uei strives to seize the opportunities in 5G, electric vehicles and the energy industry.


Cheng Uei was approved by the CTSP Bureau to set up a branch in CTSP in November 2020. It is mainly engaged in the development and production of Active Electrical Cables (AEC), Sharing Electrical Bicycle, EV Battery Pack and grid-connected Smart Energy Storage System (ESS). The CTSP R&D center covers an area of ​​approximately 6,000 square meters. In the beginning, it is estimated that NT$150 million will be invested in plant construction and machinery and equipment procurement. Cheng Uei ‘s presence in the CTSP will contribute to the formation of high-tech industrial clusters in Central Taiwan and boost the development of high value-added industries.


The Active Electrical Cables is used in the industries required high-speed and stable transmission technology, like social media platforms, the Internet of Things, high-quality video and audio streaming. The better data transmission rates and transmission distance of AEC will meet the data traffic demand for 5G era.


In addition, the research and development of Sharing Electrical Bicycle and EV Battery Pack is in line with the global electric vehicle development trend. Cheng Uei integrates our electromechanical capabilities to provide customers with high-quality IoT, battery and motor control module design and development, and electrical bikes final assembly services. In response to the increasing use of renewable energy, it becomes more important to maintain electrical grid stability and power management requirements. Therefore, grid-connected energy storage systems will be an indispensable part of the future development of the energy industry.


With the advancement of science and technology and the rising awareness of environmental protection, countries around the world have proposed a policy schedule for banning the sale of gas-powered vehicles. Therefore, it is foreseeable that electric vehicles will quickly replace traditional gas-powered vehicles in the next few years. Business opportunities will be huge. In the future, Cheng Uei will invest more resources and R&D in the electric vehicle industry, including the integration of battery, electric motor and electronic control module to actively seize the huge business opportunities of electric vehicles.