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  We provide rechargeable battery design, manufacturing and assembly services to OEM/ODM utilizing NI-CD ,NI-MH ,Li-ion and Li-Polymer technologies used in a broad range of applications, including mobile phone, notebook, portable DVD, bluetooth headset, MP3, power tool, portable gaming.
Model Cell Type Structure Capacity Nominal Voltage Weight Dimension(T*W*L) Impedance Fuel Gauge
Lishen 353853
Li-Ion1 Series 1 Parallel700 mAh3.7V16g3.75*38.3*53.3mm< 130mΩN/A
LG 523446
Li-Ion1 Series 1 Parallel1020mAh3.721g5.65*34.2*50.6mm<130mΩN/A
Maxell 553443 920mAh
Li-Ion1 Series 1 Parallel920 mAh3.7V21g5.7*34.4*47mm < 200mΩN/A
Maxell 653443 1100mAh
Li-Ion1 Series 1 Parallel1100 mAh3.7V23.3g6.7*34.4*47mm < 200mΩN/A